Divine Services are celebrated according to the Byzantine Catholic Rite or Ukrainian usage. Whether you are familiar with our Liturgy and traditions from your own faith formation or would like to learn more about them, we extend a heartfelt welcome to you to join us for Divine Liturgy. Whether you are Roman Catholic or a member of another Church or Religious Tradition, you are most welcome to join us for worship.The Liturgy is celebrated using a mix of English, Ukrainian and Church Slavonic. The readings from the Holy Gospel and Epistles, as well as homilies and sermons are in English. We employ congregational singing in the traditional a capella harmony and using the Galician chant familiar to both Catholic and Orthodox faithful of Western Ukraine. 

If you have other questions regarding our church or regarding participation in the Eucharist or other sacraments, we welcome you to conduct us. You will find necessary contact information of this website.